CEO of Ideal Makoo Co.

In the name of God

The Great Lord, in the light of his transcendent to the world of creation, invites humans to have dynamic ideas, good deeds and development.

Production: Good deed and development.

I believe in such description for production to clean the dust of feebleness from our spirit and to prepare us for a fresh life.

Ideal Makoo Co. has been full of endeavor and effort and success. I thank the Great Lord for his favor to us to take great measures in production of diverse productions and to provide satisfaction of dental society of Iran during the past 32 years.

At present, by trusting in God and under efforts of Ideal Makoo family, we make all our effort to provide adequate services around the world to deserve dental society.

We believe that with available capacities and high potential of our young, educated, expert and engaged colleagues, Ideal Makoo Co. will be fulfilled with two simple methods:

1- Management of market share and increase of satisfaction of customers through understanding their needs and providing their requirements.

2- Recognition and prioritization of opportunities to improve and innovate necessary requirement in order to increase quality of products.

Dr. Jafar Safarzadeh

CEO of Ideal Makoo Co.

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