In the name of God

Ideal Makoo Co. is the first producer and exporter of denture in Iran and the second producer of composite teeth around the world. The Company is the only holder of production license and hologram from Ministry of Health.

Ideal Makoo Co. initiated its activities in 1981 and conquered the peaks of progress with the help of its experienced and tireless staff in the least possible time and the most quality. The company has not only provided domestic demands, but also exported its products to European and Asian countries and Persian Gulf and Central Asia States in order to currency in while preventing currency out.

As the biggest productive complex in Iran with more than 120 workers working in three shifts, the company continues its operation and observes remarkable success. In this regard, the company asked its experts to develop scope of their activities and have more share in serving the global community.

So, they decided to compose the results of over 30 years of experience and brilliant background with the highest achievements of world and newest machinery and the most experienced engineers and experts, and to establish a factory to produce toothbrush under commercial name of B.Star in Germany, one of the seven industrial states around the world, and another factory in Iran to produce toothpaste under commercial name of Ideh under the license of Best Dental of Germany. The company tries to produce its toothbrushes and toothpastes from the best materials to play a great role in global markets.

On the other hand, the diversity of products has distinguished this company from other producers to meet all customers with various tastes.

According to above-mentioned subjects, we assure you that B.Star Toothbrush and Ideh Toothpaste are the results of over 30 years of experience of experts of Ideal Makoo Co. working with Dental Faculties in all over the country and cooperation and support of Iranian Dental Association. The products are unique in every aspect and enjoy the highest quality to make consumer assured and secure. Above all, consumers will admire professionals of this productive unit after every time they use B.Star toothbrushes and Ideh Toothpastes.

Introduction of Ideal Makoo Co.

Ideal Makoo Co. with more than 32 years brilliant experience serves the community

The first and biggest producer and exporter of denture in Iran

The first producer of composite denture in Middle East

The second producer of nano-composite denture in the world

The only manufacturer of toothbrush and toothpaste under the license of Best Dental of Germany in Iran and Middle East

Representative of Best Dental Co. of Germany in Middle East

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