History of Ideal Makoo Co. in dental industry:

In the name of God

:History of Ideal Makoo Co. in dental industry

Ideal Makoo Co. was officially established in 1981 and registered in Registration Institution of Companies of Iran under registration number 180. With over 120 working staff, the Company is located near the soaring mountain of Ararat in Free Industrial Commercial Zone of Makoo, having border with Azerbaijan Republic, Turkey and Armenia. With its first product naming NewClear, Ideal Makoo Co. stepped into production field and witnessed spectacular successes with great efforts of its tireless professionals. Over the time, the Company produces new products including Super NewClear and Marjan New denture made of Acrilic, and also isosid denture under commercial names of Berelian, Super Berelian, Yaghoot and Glamor, all of which are analyzed and considered in the most Universities of Iran. During the second half of 2008, the Company produced a composite denture and named it “apple”, and then “B-Star” denture in the second phase. Production of these products not only surprised scientists, but also narrowed competition field for other producers in global markets. Of course, the product is produced with the help of German experts and modern machineries by American raw materials

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